To Explain: Nothing

To understand
Pain is to accept happiness.

You show me the warmth
That falls
On a flower
After a cold
Night of longing.

You tell me of the wind
That embraces
That fall
Off a tree
To take them
For their first
And last

You sing of the water
That soothes
The tongues of
The wealthy and
Of the poor.

You attempt
Your hardest to
Convince me
Of the
Of the

But I know. I know its worth.
I know of the grass that cushions my
Back and of the clouds that feed
Me like sweets.
My memories, they glitter gold in my mind.

I know the beauty of the world.

And yet I still yearn to leave.


Thinking Chair

And at the side of the street

sits a plastic bottle of water

discarded by the man in front

of me who finally stood

as if he suddenly understood why

he could no longer be there

sitting at 3am in the morning.


I sit where he sat and stayed there

until I heard the heavy footsteps

of the next person to occupy

the sidewalk.


My time is up.


The front door was open.


I rush inside- past the bottles

of wine on the carpet. It was

a dark hallway to the bedroom.


I see her from outside the

bedroom, through the

slight crack of the door.

Inside, her

discarded clothes make.

a trail to the bed.


Shirt. Pants. Underwear.


She was sleeping. Her arms

outstretched towards the warm

part of the bed that was empty.


I walk back to the outside,

making sure to close the door

this time.